Benefits compliance done right.

Benefits compliance done right.

A Platform for Employee Benefits Collaboration and Guidance That's (Almost) as Smart as You Are.

Get better benefits compliance advice quicker and easier. Collaborate with your broker or consultant on what matters and filter out what doesn't by leveraging a sophisticated platform unequaled by any other software solution.

Hyper-Customized Compliance Calendar

Don't miss a deadline or notice. Improve accountability with a comprehensive, living calendar fine-tuned to the nuances of your benefit program, with alerts to both you and your broker or consultant.

Guidance Emails that Actually Matter

No more irrelevant mass email. Get compliance guidance that contains only relevant information, customized to your specific benefit program.

Your Specific Questions, Answered Specifically

Easy, secure communication with your broker or consultant to get answers to your compliance questions. Every compliance question tracked and answered fast.

Collaborative Plan Manager

Keep track of all your benefit plan details in the same place as your broker or consultant. No misunderstandings. No miscommunications.

Better Info Means Better Risk Management

The smarter your software is, the smarter you will be. Better decisions in less time. Consider your benefits compliance risk managed.

Close enough isn't good enough, but being proactive requires resources.

Smarter software means you can deliver better service in less time, freeing up valuable human capital. Show employer clients you're on your game with private-labeled, sophisticated client-facing tools and customization technology that boosts your clients' confidence in you.

Compliance Q&A Tracking and Cataloging

Help your firm's teams learn from each other and save time. A firm-wide tracking system and searchable database of compliance questions and answers boosts productivity, improves precision of compliance answers, and ensures you never lose track of anything.

Hyper-Customized Compliance Calendar

Be indispensable. Show your client employers how you can see around corners by giving each one an individualized, comprehensive, living compliance calendar that alerts you to compliance deadlines just before it alerts your client—all private-labeled so you get the credit.

Targeted Communications

Irrelevant information is worse than no information. Keep clients engaged and not looking at competitors' resources. Integrated email marketing technology enables you to design email campaigns with paragraphs that turn on or off depending on the details of the recipient's benefit plan.

Blog Publishing

No one likes a 1,500-word email. Keep emails short—just the bullet points—and put the details where people can reference them later while staking out prime Internet real estate for your brand.

Plan Manager

Keep track of all client benefit plan details in a client-facing interface. No misunderstandings. No miscommunications.

Software That's Easy to Use

On-boarding is a breeze. Minimize data entry and downtime with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Better Tools Means Better Risk Management

Brokers or consultants and their clients collaborate on the same secure, cloud-based platform for mutual accountability. Internal peer review process for Q&A fosters accountability across teams in a broker's or consultant's firm. Accountability reduces risk.